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Drive real foot traffic to your stores with location-optimised digital campaigns.

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A unique technology specifically created for SMB marketing partners and companies with a local sales force.  
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Digital advertising. Real customers. Guaranteed results.

GotU is the winner of the Facebook Innovation Spotlight 2016.

This means our customer-centric advertising technology has been identified as a game-changing innovation among Facebook Marketing Partners in the advertising industry.

The right target

Choose and define the exact customer segment you want to reach. Facebook’s detailed and comprehensive targeting options guarantee your ads are seen only by your selected segment to maximise results.

Local visibility

Take advantage of the power of location. Local campaigns targeting only people within the immediate proximity of your stores guarantee instant results and the most relevant visibility.

Real results

Stay in control and know exactly what you pay for. You know your reach & frequency even before starting the campaign. No surprises or guesswork, only real results.

Easy set-up

Digital can be easy & effective. Our unique technology and the innovative concept assure an easy & secure campaign set up split into simple phases, on top of specific targeting & guaranteed results. Always.



Guaranteed reach

A minimum number of unique people reached


Guaranteed frequency

A minimum frequency per targeted person reached


Guaranteed results

No more guesses. Guaranteed reach & frequency, always.



and companies with a local sales force


with stores in several locations

GotU clients - over 50.000 success stories around the world

We are a Facebook Marketing Partner with Ad Technology Specialty.

This guarantees the technology is always up-to-date with the latest new features.

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