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London – 13th October 2016

GotU, the leading provider of local Facebook advertising solutions to small-medium businesses (SMBs) and retailers worldwide, will be launching its award-winning hyperlocal technology in Myanmar in October 2016. In collaboration with MMRD Publications – the leading directory company in Myanmar, GotU will provide hundreds of local businesses with unprecedented access to the vast marketing opportunities on Facebook Business.

GotU for SMB marketing partners is an innovative end-to-end Facebook advertising solution, based on an efficient combination of hyperlocal targeting and reach & frequency optimization. Facebook is the top website in Myanmar today and offers the best marketing platform for local businesses to reach their target audience. However, local businesses are still unaware of this opportunity. GotU’s sales and ad solution aims to break this barrier with its unique product aimed at driving real offline action.

“For GotU, Myanmar is a huge achievement: our Facebook advertising technology will empower thousands of SMBs – who form the backbone of Myanmar’s fast-growing economy – with access to new commercial opportunities.” Amedeo Guffanti, the CEO of GotU explains.

GotU will be working with MMRD, Myanmar’s biggest Publication & SMB-focused brand. An established directory and salesforce network is crucial for a digital product launch in a country where many business owners still need guidance on digital. Today, only 5% of Business Page owners are advertisers on Facebook.

U Moe Kyaw, Managing Director of MMRD, stated “In a country where approximately 99.4% of all businesses are classified as SMBs, implementing a hyperlocal digital marketing technology is a crucial milestone that supports MMRD’s,and its customers’, transition into the digital world. Our partnership with GotU will only strengthen MMRD’s reputation as a strong digital media player in the region.“.

The launch also marks an important milestone for Facebook due to the unprecedented mass onboarding of hundreds of SMBs in Myanmar as Facebook advertisers. Paolo Picazio, Facebook’s Global Partnerships manager explained: “Great things happen when the right solution meets the right need. This is a fantastic demonstration of the importance of our Facebook Marketing Partners. GotU is not just expanding in a new territory, it’s also giving SMBs in Myanmar the right Facebook tools to grow their business with and also helping Facebook Business to efficiently meet their unique needs.

About GotU: GotU is a London-based advertising technology solutions provider for SMB Marketing Partners and business directories like MMRD, as well as large retail and restaurant chains. GotU’s advertising solution was awarded the Facebook Innovation Spotlight award for Real Results in July 2016 and is currently available in more than 12 countries globally. For further enquiries, please contact Emma Koitola, e.koitola@gotu.io.

About MRRD: Founded in 1992, MMRD Publications provides Marketing Services to Small and Medium Sized enterprises across Myanmar, primarily through 15 regional and sector specific directories.

See the official Press Release here.

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