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GotU & Bia/Kelsey Vantage Point Paper


GotU has published a whitepaper in collaboration with BIA/Kelsey as part of the “Vantage Points” series: Rising above Advertising Clutter – Digital Strategies for Small Local Businesses to Beat the Big Guys.

The paper taps into the challenges of small local businesses today. As digital marketing usage grows, so does the competition. Consequently, the main question most small businesses are trying to find the answer to these days goes: “How can I make sure my ads are noticed?” The same question applies to business directories, as well as local agencies and marketing partners. When even the big national companies with big budgets are using the same digital channels and targeting the same, if not bigger, audiences, the small players need to find a way to stand out. And luckily there is a way to stand out – an easy one.

Read the paper to learn insights and tactical strategies for local businesses trying to find success and beat the big companies in digital advertising.



You can also read the blog article published on BIA/Kelseys Local Media Watch blog to learn the simple steps for a successful digital advertising strategy for small local businesses.


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