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GotU won the Facebook Innovation Spotlight award in July 2016, in the category of Real Results. This means our customer-centric advertising technology has been identified as a game-changing innovation among Facebook Marketing Partners in the advertising industry.

GotU won the Gold Stevie award in February 2017 in the category of Marketing Solution – New. This means that our advertising technology was recognized as the most innovative new marketing solution on a global level.

GotU was awarded the LSA Certification, a Seal of Trust in Digital Marketing, in August 2017. This means that GotU has passed a rigorous review process and is deemed a trustworthy partner for SMBs and SMB marketing partners.

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GotU is a Facebook Marketing Partner with Ad Technology specialty. This means we have direct access to the Facebook API and our technology is always updated with the latest updates and features.

GotU is a member of the Local Search Association. The LSA helps its members realize the power of local marketing and commerce through conferences, consulting, insights, advocacy and more.

GotU is a member of SIINDA, the Search & Information Industry Association. Through SIINDA’s worldwide network of members GotU has access to a platform for the exchange of ideas, monitoring of market trends and the development of partnerships.

GotU is a member of the Association of Directory Publishers (ADP), the oldest trade association serving publishers, advertising agencies and suppliers to the print directory, mobile and online publishing industry.

GotU is a member of the ALSMA, the Asian Local Search and Media Association with the focus to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, information and ideas through congress and enhanced communications channels.

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