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GotU was released by 77Agency, an independent international digital agency of contemporary marketing, in 2016.
GotU is a platform that maps points of sale and integrates with user profiles on social networks to offer hyper-targeted and highly efficient advertising planning.
HQed in London, with offices in Milan and Los Angeles, GotU is an international team with global reach.

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GotU: what we do

We provide both a reply and a solution of the questions that forward-thinking retailers ask themselves:

  • How many people live near your store?
  • How many of these are likely to be interested in your business?


Using Behavioral look-alike Facebook algorithms, GotU extends the audience by reaching potentially interested users located in the vicinity of your point of sale.

Every month we onboard, design, setup and optimize over 5,000 Local Facebook Advertising campaigns in 10 countries all around the world.

Compared to Facebook self-serve we offer a turnkey solution:

  • unique campaign models designed for local businesses,
  • a platform to maximize customer satisfaction and increase automation throughout customer relationship and campaign lifetime,
  • an in-house team of experts,
  • delivery of highest ad creative fulfilment standard and the best performing campaigns with noticeable results.

GotU: how we work


GotU is among the most established Facebook Ads solutions in the SMB reselling and Retail/multi-location space.

In just over two years, GotU has set up over 85,000 local location-optimized digital campaigns with a radius of 1km from the defined POS in 15 countries around the world (of which about 25,000 in Italy).


Returns on investments with GotU have reached as much as 700%.


In 2016 GotU won the Innovation Spotlight prize from Facebook, 77Agency Partner for over 10 years, ranking first in the Real results for customers category.




GotU: careers


If you want to push boundaries, work with the latest technology, and be at the forefront of contemporary marketing, find out more about careers with GotU.